My Qualifications

Steven Crouch

Senior Vice President, Investments | Financial Advisor

During more than 20 years as a financial advisor, I have enjoyed helping my clients reach their financial goals through investing. My investment philosophy is centered around value oriented stocks that have a track record of good fundamentals and strong growth. I spend time learning about each client's specific needs and goals. My recommendations for a diversified portfolio may include a combination of stocks, bonds, ETFs and options selected to match the client's unique risk and return profile.  


My Background

I hold a B.S. degree in Management from Virginia Tech. Outside of work, I have been involved with the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center for 10 years, and also serve on the board of the Fauquier Community Coalition.

I joined B. Riley Wealth Management in 2021 after a 22-year affiliation with Scott & Stringfellow Financial, Inc., which later became BB&T/Truist following an acquisition in 1998 and merger in 2001.